Some links

Posted on August 20, 2007 in Index

Throughout the site there are dozens of hot links  to other websites and web pages, but here are a few that I’ve not really written about, but that should be mentioned. There are thousands of food blogs out there, and an online search will locate them for you. The following you might not otherwise know about. 
Chef Fritz Blank’s Library peeks into this venerable chef’s eccentric collection. Fritz is a friend of many years and he recently closed his French restaurant, Deux CheminĂ©es, in Philadelphia, after twenty eight years and retired to Thailand! You can ask him culinary questions on his Message Board.  
Jan Longone is another great American collector of cookbooks, a culinary historian, and the director/curator of the Longone Center for American Culinary Research at the University of Michigan.
Julia Watson’s Eat Washington is a great resource for finding ingredients in the capital region. I don’t know what I would have done without it when I first arrived, and she promises a complete update and overhaul in Fall 2007.
Melissa McCart is a young journalist whose Counter Intelligence is a blog on food trends and her favorite (culinary) places.