University of South Carolina Press to publish anthology of my work

Posted on April 1, 2022 in John's Current Blog

Phnom Penh; April 1, 2022:

This is no April Fool’s Joke. April 1st is a very special day for me because my first book, Hoppin’ John’s Lowcountry Cooking, was published on this day 30 years ago. Remarkably, it’s remained in print all this time. Mikel Lane Herrington and I were married 12 years ago on April 2. At the time, we had been together for 17 years, so this time next year it will be three decades that we have been life partners. As though either of these exciting anniversaries were not reason enough to celebrate, I’m pleased to announce that the University of South Carolina Press will be publishing an anthology of my work later this year. The book includes articles about food – both scholarly and personal, an editorial, culinary history, ramblings about my peripatetic life on three continents, and a handful of recipes. I wouldn’t call it a cookbook; nor would I call it a memoir, though there are reflections on life and death during Covid and highlights from my childhood, my time in Europe, and my current life here in Cambodia. There are photos and drawings as well. From 350 written pieces, we chose 42 for inclusion in the book. Charleston to Phnom Penh: A Cook’s Journal covers 35 years of my writing.