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Posted on January 31, 2018 in John's Current Blog

Hoppin’ John’s Galerie Henri Christophe


In reaction to the president’s disparaging remarks about citizens of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and in response to the desperate needs of the hurricane victims throughout the Caribbean, but especially in the US territory of Puerto Rico, I have decided to divest myself of much of my extensive collection of art from those regions.

20% of proceeds will go to Global Giving’s Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund

Prices are negotiable, but buyer pays shipping and handling. Most items are framed paintings. Credit cards are accepted. Private viewings in Savannah are available by appointment. Serious inquiries only. You may email me or call me 10am- 4pm EST. See the Contact Me link on the home page.




Why Henri Christophe? In Savannah’s Franklin Square, on the west side of City Market, stands the Haitian Monument, celebrating the Chasseurs-Volontaires de Saint-Dominique, a volunteer regiment made up of ten companies of light infantry (chasseurs) enlisted from “freemen of color.”  It was the largest unit of men of African descent to fight and proudly participate in the American Revolutionary War in Savannah. In 1779, Saint-Domingue was an island colony of France. It is now divided into the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In September and October of the same year, these troops made up one-tenth of the allied army in the six-week siege of Savannah. The statue includes a small drummer boy named Henri Christophe, who later became a key leader in the Haitian Revolution, gaining independence from France in 1804.

Christophe is one of many Haitians who have contributed over the years to the welfare and richness of culture of the United States. From popular musicians such as Wyclef Jean and writers such as Edwidge Danticat to historical figures such as John James Audubon and Jean-Baptiste Point du Sable (the founder of Chicago), Haitians and Haitian-Americans continue to enrich our lives.

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the latter the worst in the island nation’s history. Five months after the storm, millions are still without power and the Trump administration has removed Puerto Rican families from temporary housing and FEMA has withdrawn its workers. Like Haiti, Puerto Rico has given us a wealth of talent. Hundreds of entertainers like Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Benicio del Toro, Rita Moreno, and Chita Rivera come to mind, as well as sports figures, ambassadors, architects, writers, military leaders, and four dozen NASA astronauts. Puerto Ricans are US citizens. We simply must help them.

The Art. Works by known artists are accompanied by brief bios. Some of the art was purchased from Jordan Meinster and John Burgess at Gallery West Indies in Charleston, SC. Some was purchased directly from the artists in the Dominican Republic, in Haiti, in Mexico, and in Africa. Many of the painting are in the original frames from the 1980s and show some wear. They are priced accordingly. The year of death is also noted in bold for the deceased painters. Most of the Haitian painters are considered Masters from the Saint Soleil school, including works by four of its founders. The known artists are listed below in alphabetical order. If the work is signed, l.r. indicates lower right, l.l. indicates lower left, u.l. indicates upper left, and l.m. indicates lower middle of the work. Following the work of these known painters, I offer some folk art from Mexico, Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Zaire, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, and South Africa.

André, Pierre, c. 1915-2005. A muse of the filmmaker Maya Deren, André was second in command at his houmfour (a voodoo temple). World renowned, he is considered the best of the second generation of Haitian artists and the spiritual heir to the legendary Hector Hippolyte. This rare pair of his oil paintings on canvas, of the voodoo loa Couzine Zaka Mede and the ogun Achade, are being sold together. Each painting measures 8”x 10”, framed, 14”x 16” Both signed l.r. $8000 for the pair.

Bidó, Cándido, 1936-2011, Dominican Republic, the first Dominican painter to exhibit in France.

Bull, Acrylic on Canvas, 20”x 24”; framed, signed l.r.,28”x 32”. SOLD.

Feathered headdress, Acrylic on Canvas, 1982. Signed, l.l. 24”x 30”; framed, 30”x 36”. SOLD.











Bien-Aimé, Gabriel, born 1951, Haiti. Considered one of the two best Haitian metal sculptors, along with Serge Jolimeau. He never uses templates and does all his own drawings. His work is in major galleries,including the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

“Steel, the Rasta Man,” 22”x 23”x 3”, rusted steel. Signature hammered in, l.m. $250.













Eliassaint, Françoise, born 1958, Haiti. Student of André Normil, whom she married. Joined Saint Soleil in 1982.

Madonna and Child. Acrylic on Canvas.20”x 24”; framed, 23”x 27”. Signed, l.r. $1000.













Exil, Levoy, born 1944, Haiti. One of the 2 surviving original Saint Soleil painters. Reorganized as Cinq Soleils Soleils with Prospère Pierre-Louis, Dieuseul Paul, Denis Smith, and Louisianne Saint Fleurant.

Oil on Masonite, 1990. 12”x 16”, framed 15”x 19” Signed, l.r.. SOLD



Oil on Masonite, 1990. 12”x 24”, framed, 13”x 25”. Signed l.r. SOLD.











Oil on Masonite, 24”x 32”,  Signed l.r. SOLD.












Félix, LaFortune, 1933-2016. Haiti. An initiated Houngan Voudou priest, LaFortune worked primarily as a farmer in St Marc, in the old and poor Artibonite region. He work was drawn from his belief in the supernatural. One of the last of the great painters from Artibonite, Félix is the subject of a documentary film by Arnold Antonin. All of his paintings are signed l.r.

Oil on Masonite. 1990. 23-1/4” x 23-1/4” framed. SOLD.

”Ferraille et Dantor,” 1988. Oil on masonite. 23”x 32”, framed 25-1/2”x 34-1/2”. $3000.













Oil on Masonite, 1988. 22-1/2” x 22-1/2”, framed 24-1/2”x 24-1/2”. $2400.

”Mambo Adelaide,” 1990, oil on masonite. 22-1/2”x 22-1/2”, framed, 25-1/2”x 25-1/2”. $2400.













Fortuné, Gérard, born 1925-1935, Haiti. Self-taught, but became one of the best known Haitian artists. He is also one of the oldest, in his 80s or 90s. He is not sure of his age. His older, larger paintings such as these are more valuable.

Oil on canvas, 1998, in black steel floater frame, 31”x 41”, Signed l.l. $2000.


Gérard with this painting in 1988. Photo © Bill Bollendorf of Galerie Macando

Jesus in the Garden of Eden, Oil on canvas in black steel floater frame, 49”x 37” Signed l.r. $2500.

Sirene, Oil on canvas, 24”x 39”, framed,27-1/2”x 42” Signed l.l. $2500.












Garcia, Wifred. (Wifredo José Garcia Domenech) 1935-1988. Born in Barcelona, grew up in the Dominican Republic.Received a PhD in Chemistry at Kansas State University but worked as a photographer and founded the group Jueves 68 in Santiago as well as Fotogrupo in Santo Domingo. Known as the “Master of the Dominican Lens.” Internationally recognized with honors in Japan, the US, Europe, and Latin America. These photos have been reframed under glass. His signature appears on the original mats and the backs of the mounts, included. $150 each or $500 for all four.

”El Matriarcado Serrano,” 1982, in black steel frame, 14-7/8” x 19”, frame size 21-1/2” x 25-1/2”. Very interesting “Female Leader from the Mountains.”

”El Higo del Guardabosque,” 1982. 15-1/2”x 19-1/2”. Frame 21-1/2”x 26”.













”El Grito,” 1982. Color. 9”x 13”, frame 15”x 19”.


“Padre & Hija,” 1979. 15″x 19″, frame 22″x 26″.












Jolimeau, Serge, born 1952, Haiti. Along with Gabriel Bien-Aimé, he is one of the finest metal sculptors, using steel mostly from steel drums. Former President Bill Clinton is a client.

Rusted steel, 24”x 36” Signature hammered in, l.m. SOLD.













Meinster, Jordan. American, 1935-2013. Lived and painted in his home town of Philadelphia; in Puerto Rico, where he taught art; in Spain, and in Mexico. Widely exhibited, he was also a dealer of Caribbean art and owned Gallery West Indies in Charleston in the 1980s and early 90s.

Crucifixion, mixed media on paper, mounted under glass, 18”x24”, framed, 25”x 32” Signed l.r. $900.

Crucifixion, pencil on paper, mounted under glass, 17”x 24”, framed, 25”x 32” Signed u.l. $750.













Mixed media on paper, mounted under glass. 11”x 13-1/2”, framed, 18” x 21”. $250.

”Los Hermanos,” 1996, mixed media on paper, mounted under glass, 8-1/2”x 12”, framed, 15-1/2”x 19-1/2”, Exhibition caption and bio on reverse. $250.














Signed on back with personal note, ”Para Anna, una de las Bacanales,un Esbozo, Con afecto, Jordan” San Miguel de Allende, 2008, oil on paper, 9”x 11-1/2”, framed, no glass, 16”x 20”, $400.

Signed on back with personal note, ”Para Jaime, 2008. Este es el primer esbozo de la series de la bacanal. Con afecto, Jordan,” mixed media on paper, mounted under glass, 8-1/2”x 11-1/2”, framed, 16”x 20”, SOLD.














Pierre-Louis, Prospère, 1947-1996, original member of Saint Soleil, and of Cinq Soleils.

Painted in 1991, this huge (40”x 60”) oil on canvas is framed in simple white wood, ½”wide and 1-3/4”deep. Signed, l.m. $4000.














Richard, Antilhomme, 1920?-2002, Haiti. Early member of Saint Soleil, then later of Cinq Soleils. Did not paint from 1978, when Saint Soleil disbanded, to 1989.

Acrylic on masonite, 23-1/2” x 24”, framed 26-1/2”x 27” Signed l.l. $1700.

Rare Black and White Acrylic on Masonite, 24”x 30”, Framed 27”x 33”. Signed l.r. $2000.

Classic Antilhomme voodoo figures. Acrylic on canvas, framed, 27”x 35” Signed l.r. $2500.

Vibrant oil on wood, 24”x 31”, framed with painted linen mat and black wood border, 29”x 35” Signed l.r. $3000.

























Saint Fleurant, Louisianne, 1924-2005, Haiti, one of the original founders of the Saint Soleil school..

Acrylic on canvas, 1989. 12″x 16; framed, “15 x 18″ Signed l.m. $1500.


Acrylic on canvas, 1989. 20”x 24”; framed, 24”x 27” Signed l.m. $1700.











Smith, Denis, born 1954, Haiti. Youngest member of Saint Soleil and, along with Levoy Exil, one of the two surviving original members.

Oil on masonite, 1989, 24”x 24”, framed 27”x 27”Signed l.r. $1800.


”The Padre,” oil on canvas, 1989. 24”x 30”, framed,27” x 33” Signed l.r. $2000.













Valmidor, Antoinette. Older sister of Jacques and aunt of Frantzy. Known as “Josie,” she was the cook at the famous Issa Gallery in Port au Prince for over 30 years.

Acrylic on canvas, 12”x 20”, framed, 15”x 23” Signed l.r. $250.










I am also selling some other artwork, but for Global Giving’s Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund, I am only offering work from the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa.


Vintage Mexican religious retablos on tin, SOLD. (9”x 12”and 9”x 13”)


Miracle Mask. Modern linocut on paper, mounted under glass and framed with 73 milagros of tin,aluminum, brass, and silver. San Miguel de Allende, 1994. Framed, 19”x 23”. $500.

Painted wooden alligator from Guerrero, Mexico. 19”x 8”x 5”. $75.
















Dan Mask, Liberia. Wood, twine, cloth, and cowrie shells. 12”x 20”x 6”. $175.











Firespitter mask, Ivory Coast. Wood, twine, cowrie shells. Overall, 36”. Crocodile head with horns, 19”. $300.









Nkisi fetish figure, East Congo/Zaire. Early 20th Century. Wood, mud, metal, paint, egg, cloth, glass. 25”x 13”x 8”, weighs 15 pounds. $750.




Sirene (mermaid). Painted wood, Guerrero, Mexico. 31”x 11”x 6”. $100.











Wax batiks from Kenya, SOLD. Above, 16″x 30″. Right, 16″x 29″.










Left, painted wooden cross with voudou symbolism, Dominican Republic, 22″x 12″, $300.




Pair of painted figures from Oaxaca, Mexico. Painted jicara, coconut, twine, and wood. Each about 12”. $50 for the pair

Painted clay biker, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 8”x 5”x 3” $25.














Etched ostrich egg with giraffe and moon and stars, with carved wooden stand. Can be used with votive candle. South Africa. SOLD.























Wrought iron roof cross by “Don Palo” Leopoldo Morales Martinez, the last of the traditional cross makers from San Christóbal de las Casas; Chiapas, Mexico. With traditional riveting. 13”x 19”. Includes the book, “Spirit of Chiapas: The Expressive Art of the Roof Cross Tradiation” (list price $35). $300.


















Five views of a fine vintage Yoruba Gelede Headdress/Mask made from one solid piece of wood. Nigeria. 16″ x 14″. $800.










Vintage Ethiopian Head Rest(Pillow), wood and metal beads. 7″x 5″. $50.





Magpie, metal wire and beads, CapeTown, South Africa. 11”. SOLD.







Extra large Talavera bowl by Venegas, Puebla, Mexico. 16-1/2”diameter, 5”deep. SOLD.