Lowcountry Legends

Posted in John's Current Blog on August 17, 2016

The poster for the 2007 Charleston Wine & Food Festival

August 17, 2016. Savannah, Georgia. It was the last week of February 2007. I got an email from the Charleston Wine & Food Festival informing me that they were going to honor me with their first “Culinary Legend” award given to an individual. At the time, I was being courted to open a lowcountry restaurant in New York, and had booked travel to the Big Apple that weekend, when the festival was to be held. Though I felt odd receiving an award when so many others had come before me, I thanked them profusely and asked if I could send my sister Sue in my stead to accept the award on my behalf.

I just ran across the email I sent Sue on March 1, thanking her for going in my stead on such short notice, and giving her an idea of what I would have said had I been able to be there myself. (The email follows.) I always felt that I was part of a greater arc that included all sorts of Sandlappers from gardeners and oystermen to home cooks as well as the chefs, wine merchants, and restaurateurs. So many more culinarians I could have named who deserved the award at least as much, if not more. I mention some 2 dozen herein:

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